Lighting can greatly add to the tone and mood for you and your guests at an event.  Complete perfect party or your dream wedding with the lighting package that compliments your venue and style. Here are some things to consider.

Custom Bistro Twinkle Lights by Islay Events.


String lighting one of our most popular services can provide a wonderful soft and even light for your reception and gives a touch of romance to any setting.  You can add in paper lanterns for a more another layer of style as well.  The selection of lanterns is immense so get rid of any pre-conceptions you might have.



10468111_818634428159648_818093799347044951_nUplighting adds depth and a perfect touch of color to any space.  Whether its an open wall,  foliage, trees or another element they will make a perfect palette for our LED wash units that are capable of over 10,000 color combinations so we can get exactly the color for your event.

Highlight flowers, centerpieces, buffet stations, bars, the guest book, and other elements to make sure they can be seen and enjoyed by everyone.  Don’t let your beautiful pieces get lost in a dark corner.  Use of pinspots and station lighting will make the centerpieces pop and you food look as good as it tastes.

Twinkle / Christmas lights used liberally on trees, foliage, and architectural pieces will add a layer of detail that every guest will appreciate and enjoy.  White or Amber adds a magical romance to any  wedding, or to make it more festive and fun for a holiday party a well thought out use of colors will make hot the mark every time.

Dancing at the receptionDance floor lighting can make or break the mood and energy of your guests as much as your DJ’s song selection.  Keep all your guests moving until the end, and have them talking about how they have never danced so much. Using our system and an operator who’s not going to leave it on “autopilot” will make sure everyone is moving.  Whether a classic monogram of your initials layered over a soft color wash or a your own club for the night we will help create the class and excitement you desire.  Our LED systems, can do soft fades of color during a slow dance and then kick it into high gear when you are ready with bright colors and strobe effects.  We can also set up most systems for your DJ to easily operate.

Area and safety washes while not on the top of your list definitely an important part of your lighting package.  Let us make sure parking areas, valet, restrooms, and common areas are safe and pleasant for your guests to enjoy all night in a way that compliments the event design.