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Our Process

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We begin by listening and learning what your dreams and visions are. Every project is based on a targeted consultation, which develops a strategy in line with your needs. Once finalized, we begin the event organization and take your custom concept to become a fully-integrated and completed event.

Whether a private party, public event, product presentation/launch, trade fairs, conventions, shows, exhibitions, branding and sponsorship/licensing agreements we have the experience.  These are just some of the types of events which we can bring you the strategic expertise with organizational and management know-how.

Every stage in every project, from the creative brainstorming through to production, is handled by our in-house experts and external specialists, with whom our partnership relations have proven their worth over time.

We can build schedules, budgets, layouts and scripts to create a comprehensive plan for a flawless event.  We can help to manage the details–from qualifying vendors to identifying and hiring staff, from budget and schedule management to on-site supervision. We are there to execute the plan until completion.

Let us help you plan and manage your next event:

corporate events

company and/or product anniversaries

internal communications and team building programs

product launches

press conferences, conventions and exhibitions

automotive products

promotion at unique locations (race tracks, parks, museums, etc.)

large events for public authorities (regional marketing)

participation in trade fairs, shows and exhibitions

exhibition design and installation, services, audio/video/lighting

organization and promotion of cultural exhibitions for public and private entities


Current Consulting Projects:

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