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Under a Tuscan Moon

By December 10, 2015No Comments

When a client trusts us, gives us a great space, artistic freedom, and a great team to collaborate with true magic can happen.  Thank you to the United Boys and Girls Club of Santa Barbara County for being one of those clients.  Especially to Dianna, Melissa, and Karen for bringing us into the space.  I think they will tell you it was worth it.  Here is how it came together.

Deckers insideAt the first meeting they told us that Deckers Outdoors Corporationhad donated the Rotunda at their new  headquarters in Goleta, California.  This is a dream space to design in 25 foot ceilings in a 75 foot diameter white walled round room, two thirds of which are a glass walled looking out to the Santa Barbara Mountains.


the invitation and inspiration
the invitation and inspiration

The theme of the event was  “Under a Tuscan Moon”.  Such a simple yet evocative phrase.  Instantly we all agreed that we had to bring the outdoors inside of this space, and that we would create theatre in the round for our audience (yes “theatre”  as in live performance not movie theater).

At each meeting things evolved and ideas developed, changed, and went away as we continually built of of each others input.  I think it was Glen Novack at the Tent Merchant that mentioned needing to work with casino online the vertical height of the space, this sent my mind down a path of curiosity, how to do that in just the right way.  It needed to be simple, a grand statement, fit the theme, and most importantly be cost effective for the charity.  This is supposed to be a fundraiser for the kids, and having a young daughter myself that was always at the forefront of my mind.


Hmmm…..what to do.  I know we need to create the night sky to start, and as long as were doing that, let”s take the room through several color changes that coincide with the sunset outside.  We”ll make a star of bistro style string lights over the entire space to give it the outside dining feel as well as add a layer of depth.  I felt like I was off to a decent start…but still not doing justice to the grandure of the space.  So after more thought, looking at a lot of tuscany and moon pictures, and finally several experiments here is what we came up with and my great team brought it to life. Hope you like it.

Islay Events UBGC Deckers Event_0208

Islay Events UBGC Deckers Event_0198

Islay Events UBGC Deckers Event_0192

Islay Events UBGC Deckers Event_0229

Islay Events UBGC Deckers Event_0218

Islay Events UBGC Deckers Event_0232

Islay Events UBGC Deckers Event_0254

Islay Events UBGC Deckers Event_0252

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